Precision Molecule Editing

Partnering with Global pharma to Accelerate DRug Discovery

partnering to provide a highly selective solution to C-H activation and diversification of simple and complex pharmaceutical leads

Enhance your discovery pipelines through collaborating with us. Optimise your leads in partnership. Explore with us the opportunity for sustainable manufacture, avoiding fragile supply chains.

Leveraging halogenenation for selective C-H activation & DIVERSIFICATION

With our powerful combination of synthetic biology and synthetic chemistry we are uniquely placed to assist partners with fragment and complex molecule vectorisation, diversification and the discovery and development of new highly targeted drugs.


We use in house know how and our patented discovery approaches to find powerful natural tools for C-X bond formation, the gateway to almost any diversification. Our approach levers over 3.5 billion years of natural evolution to provide precise & sustainable enzymatic solutions for chemical transformations.

Synthetic Biology

Using cutting edge synthetic biology tools, we have assembled and patented a large palette of diverse enzymes to both accelerate your R+D and to make your manufacturing process cheaper, safer and more sustainable.


We are experts in biotransformations, providing and developing enzymatic solutions for selective chemistry for both your R+D and manufacturing needs.

Enzyme Engineering

We discover and develop bespoke enzymatic solutions to meet your R+D and manufacturing needs, achieving regioselective control that is not possible using synthetic chemistry processes alone.


Blending synthetic chemistry and synthetic biology presents a powerful opportunity for molecule access and value creation. Our tools enable late-stage functionalisation.

Background to the technology

Our break-through approach: At X-Genix, we employ a unique approach. Our approach takes advantage of 3.5 billion years of natural evolution, harnessing unchartered genome sequences of unusual organisms and enhancing this with in silico optimisation to find the best possible starting points for molecule diversification. Our USP includes a patented enzyme discovery approach and a large, patented palette of enzymes for precise molecule diversification. This gives us the edge providing an advanced starting point for evolution and enzyme development.

X-Genix is an award winning spinout company

Technology Award: Building on pioneering research recognised through the award of the prestigious 2022 Corday Morgan Award.

X-Genix is getting recognitions at major national competitions. X-Genix is proud winner of the award in the Disruptive Innovation category at AccelerateHer-2021 competition.

Patented technology providing a powerful tool for drug discovery

X-Genix has patented halogenase discovery platform technology. Our IP position is strengthened by considerable in-house know-how and a strong, growing and relevant IP pipeline. We have a broad platform technology from which we utilise an IP based business model approach to delivering value. We will continue to control and develop the platform technology and will work with customers to adapt that technology to their specific product needs offering a bespoke solution.



X-Genix is highly experienced in discovering enzymes that can regioselectivity introduce C-I, C-Br or C-Cl bonds into both small and large molecules.


We provide support for partners through the discovery stages and into development.


We help our partners access the compounds and enzymes that they need in quantities from mgs- kgs through the use of in house facilities as well as through partnering with scale up facilities.

Looking to source bespoke enzyme solutions for your project?

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